Head of Growth

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Forest Admin has been designed to help developers save time and to provide their business teams with a tool that is tailored to their operations and ready to scale. Our "admin panel as a service" allows any web-based company to skip all the design, development and maintenance steps typically required when running a back office.

Technically speaking, Forest Admin consists of an admin front-end where clients manage their data and U/I configurations and of an admin back-end which is an API hosted on our clients servers where clients can extend their data models and code any specific admin panel business logic (routes, actions, …). Forest Admin's architecture was designed with security at the core and ensures that we never have access to our client’s data, thereby introducing a new class of products in the SaaS world.

How big is it? All apps need a back office, which means we have an impact on virtually … all web related businesses! We’re currently on-boarding more and more fast-growing companies (ex. Qonto, Heetch, Shadow, Carbon Health…) at an incredible pace and we want to accelerate our expansion.

Job Description

As our Head of Growth you will be the lead person on our Growth Team. You’ll work closely with our Product Marketing Manager and our CEO, and be responsible for the weekly cadence of growth tests, with the goal to start at least three experiments per week.

Manage the weekly high tempo testing cadence for user acquisition initiatives:

  • Define objectives, analyze our current state, and make sure we have instrumentation in place to properly track
  • Propose or solicit ideas from all channels - team members, customers, books, websites, other apps, and anywhere else
  • Prioritize those ideas based on impact, confidence, and ease
  • Pick experiments to run, define them super clearly so there’s no way we won’t learn
  • Implement and execute those tests
  • Review the data, and document the learnings
  • Rinse and repeat!

Preferred Experience


  • Confirmed experience as a Growth engineer, preferably in a B2D SaaS / web developer tooling environment
  • Experience working closely with the executive leadership team to grow a company from $1mn to $5mn ARR
  • A proven track record driving experimental user acquisition initiatives, scaling appropriately when successful
  • A deep understanding and interest in Developer tools and API-first solutions
  • This creative problem solver mindset who is not just repeating what’s been done, but interested in helping to build what is next
  • The drive to get things done across an organization

Why you should apply? Hiring is a two-way street
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Recruitment Process

  • Preliminary call
  • Fit interview with our CEO
  • Case study
  • Feedback and challenge meeting with our CEO and CFO

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Paris, France (75009)
  • Experience: > 2 years
  • Possible full remote